Jeff Ryan is one of those guys that when he does something he does it 120% Jeff and his wife April have done phenomenal job of raising four smart, Charismatic just good all-around boys, No Easy task when you’re a Business owner, Jeff puts his heart and soul into Gladstone Auto Sales making sure that the lot is always full with good low mile fan favorite vehicles. With all his devotion and all his hard work he has been chosen by Cargurus as Kansas City top used car dealer on several occasions. Jeff lives for the moment the customer is smiling driving  off the lot waving goodbye because he has showed them what  a true good car buying experience is supposed to be like.

Jeff Ryan


Meet The Team
Meet the Team

Our Business manager Ruth is definitely the heartbeat of the store and plays a very Intricate roll to our every day business, as business manager Ruth Has to wear many hats, handles all the loan documents she handles all the title work and most importantly hast to make sure that we’re compliant with the state of Missouri, Ruth does an excellent job for us and all the customers just love her Ruth is extremely passionate about her fur babies at home she has five giant German Shepherd’s that she adores Ruth is a very important asset to the company.


Buisness Manager

Our lead man and detail specialist Dean is just a simple good old boy with a heart of gold.  He takes another level of pride in all of his work. If detailing cars had an artist Dean would be the Picasso, Dean overseas all the inventory and that all the inventory leaves the dealership with a fresh polish and a complete detail on the inside. We couldn’t sell the amount of cars we do without Dean he is a great asset to the company.


Detail specialist

Meet the Team
Meet the Team

Meet Doug,  to say that Doug is the class clown of the dealership would be an understatement, Doug is great to have around at the dealership he works hard he’s very punctual and is always has a good joke ready to tell you, Doug is Extremely passionate about the work that he performs sometimes Doug will get finished with the car and bring it up for one of us to take pictures of it, and he’ll walk around it and he’ll say I got to take it back this isn’t good enough for me, Doug is a wonderful grandfather and a wonderful dad and we love having him as a part of our team. 



Meet the Team

This dapper young gentleman is the newest addition to our team, Jacob is a man a few words but when you do catch him talking it’s always with a big smile on his face, and an entertaining story with plenty of substance. Jacob is an  all around athlete excelling in both football and rugby honorable mentioned in both Jacob is also a detail specialist for our dealership his work ethics is much like his athleticism goes hard in the paint we are very fortunate to have him on our team


Detail Specialist